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The engineers at Simumech are highly skilled steel structure designers, possessing extensive expertise in crafting a diverse range of steel structures. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they excel in designing steel structures that adhere to a multitude of internationally recognized structural standards, including ASCE 7, SANS 10162, Eurocode 3, and AS 4100, among others. Their proficiency allows them to create innovative and reliable designs that meet the rigorous demands of various projects, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards are upheld.

Our engineers boast extensive experience and collaborate closely with fabricators to guarantee that designs adhere to stringent international safety and quality standards. Leveraging RFEM, a cutting-edge software developed by Dlubal, Simumech offers a comprehensive design package encompassing the following: Structural Steel Design
Structural Steel Design South Africa
Structural Steel Design Australia

  • Relevant Structural Code Calculations
  • Bolted and welded connection design
  • Seismic design in accordance to ASCE 7, SANS 10162-4, AS 1170.4
  • Foundation Loading
  • Baseplate Design
  • Opitimisation of structural members
  • Sign-off by a professional Engineer

Simumech aims to deliver cost-effective engineering solutions without ever compromising on the safety and integrity of the design.

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