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Simumech’s engineers are renowned in the industry as specialists in Pressure Vessel Design, boasting extensive experience in designing a wide array of vessels including Pressure vessels, Buried vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Columns, among others.
We always adhere to relevant Design Codes such as ASME VIII, PD5500, and EEMUA 190 for buried vessels, as well as EN 13445 to ensure the highest standards of design and safety.

Our Engineers are highly experienced and works in close collaboration with the fabricator to ensure the design meets international safety and quality standards. Simumech can supply the complete design package including the following: Pressure Equipment Design Australia
Pressure Equipment Design
Pressure Equipment Design South Africa

  • Relevant Code Calculations
  • Finite Element Analysis of complex designs and loads and components not covered by the code calculations
  • Structural design of walkways, platforms, stairways and support clips
  • Rigging and transportation studies
  • Post weld heat treatment analysis
  • Design and Fabrication drawings
  • Sign-off by a Registered Professional Engineer
  • Design verification
  • Design optimisation
  • Fitness for services calculations
  • Sign-off by a professional Engineer

Simumech aims to provide low cost engineering solutions, but will never compromise safety and integrity of the design.

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ASME Div.1 Pressure vessel design