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At Simumech, we’re proud to be recognized as leaders in Storage Tank design. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we excel in crafting designs for a variety of tanks, including above-ground, field-welded, and shop-welded tanks. We strictly adhere to industry standards like API 620, API 650, and BS 14015.
Moreover, our expertise extends beyond Welded Tanks. We’re also industry leaders in designing flanged and lapped joint bolted tanks, following standards such as AWWA D103 and API 12B.

Our team of Engineers is highly skilled, capable of producing economical designs that consistently meet international safety and quality benchmarks. Simumech offers a comprehensive design package, encompassing:  Storage Tank Design
Storage Tank Design Australia
Storage Tank Design South Africa

  • Detailed design calculations for Welded and Bolted storage tanks, compliant with recognized Design Codes (API 620, API 650, BS 14015, AWWA)
  • Finite Element Analyses for complex designs and loads
  • Rigging and transportation studies
  • Post-weld heat treatment analysis
  • Design and Fabrication drawings
  • Design of Tank walkways and platforms.
  • Design verification
  • Tank repair calculations
  • Fitness for services calculations
  • Sign-off by a Registered Professional Engineer

Simumech is equipped to design and verify a wide range of Storage tanks and covers, addressing various loads including:

  • Operational loads(Hydrostatic loads, Pressure, Weight)
  • Wind loading & Earthquake loading(Seismic)
  • Thermal loads
  • Agitator loads
  • Fatigue loads
  • Live loads & dead loads (Platforms, walkways, stairways, roof loads, piping loads)

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API 650 Storage Tank Design