Fitness for Service Assessments Service

Knowing the safety and integrity of your equipment is important for any plant engineer and any other personnel that are working around these potential hazards. The catastrophic failure of any pressurised equipment can lead to loss of life and loss of production. At SimuMech we work in close collaboration with inspection departments and plant personnel to perform Fitness for Service assessments according to API579. If your plant does not have its own inspectors or any NDT specialist, we can also assist by suggesting experienced certified third party inspectors we have worked with before.

Our team is capable to perform all three levels of assessments as specified in the Code. Typical defect we can assess are:

  • Bulges and dents
  • General area corrosion (general metal loss whatever the reason)
  • Pitting corrosion
  • Weld misalignments and shell distortions
  • Crack like flaws
  • Laminations

Simumech especially focus on the level 3 assessments where complex finite element analyses are needed to verify if the equipment can be reliably operated for another time period or needs to be replaced. You can therefore make informed decisions to run, repair, rerate, redesign or retire your equipment.

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