API Storage Tank Design

Simumech is the industry leader in the design of API above ground, field-welded and shop-welded storage tanks. We deliver the following services to our clients:

  • Tender design
  • Detail design
  • Design verification
  • Tank repair calculations
  • Fitness for services calculations

Our Engineers are highly experienced and are capable to produce economical designs that meet international safety and quality standards. Simumech can supply the complete design package including the following:

  • API Code calculations
  • Finite Element Analyses for complex designs and loads
  • Rigging and transportation studies
  • Post weld heat treatment analysis
  • Design and Fabrication drawings
  • Sign-off by a Registered Professional Engineer

Simumech can design and verify any Storage tanks and covers, but not limited to the following loads:

  • Operational loads(Pressure, Weight)
  • Wind loading
  • Thermal loads
  • Agitator loads
  • Fatigue loads
  • Live loads & dead loads (Platforms, walkways, stairways, roof loads)
  • Earthquake loading

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